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Alaska Red Poppy | Flower Seed Grow Kit

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Sometimes called Common Poppy, Corn Poppy or Field Poppy, Papaver rhoeasdots roadsides and agricultural landscapes throughout the world with its lacy grey-green foliage and vivid red blooms, from North America to Europe, Africa and Asia. Papaver rhoeas is an erect, singlestemmed annual, growing up to about 2 feet-tall. Rising from a bed of deeply lobed, fern-like foliage, each stem holds a single flower: 4 silky red petals, usually 2–4 inches across, which generally bloom from late spring to late summer.

There's enough seed here to plant an entire meadow full of poppies — almost 90,000 seeds in all! Scattered in an informal, wildflower planting, this seed will cover about 1,400 square feet, or an area roughly 38' x 38'. Approximately 70% of these seeds will germinate.